Titanium Dermaroller

Titanium Dermaroller


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Dermarolling the scalp has been proven to improve blood supply and collagen synthesis as well as drawing more growth factors to the follicles. The reason is that the superficial and controlled trauma that we create stimulates this natural process.

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When used on a regular basis (1-2x a week), the natural healing cascade is regularly repeatedly activated and improvements in growth and hair strength and texture will occur. Dermarolling is also a great way to help penetration of active ingredients found in our leave on serum as dermarolling helps to create tiny channels through the many layers of dead skin cells.

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4 reviews for Titanium Dermaroller

  1. Marlene

    Really good quality dermaroller

  2. Bianca Coetzee

    Best quality dermaroller
    I will highly recommend it

  3. Suné (verified owner)

    Secure & safe packaging to ensure the quality of the fragile roller. Comes in a protective hard case to ensure needles do not get damaged when stored. Rolling is not as uncomfortable as I thought it would be, it is even more comfortable with the Haire serum.
    I do feel it lacked a care pamphlet/link to properly clean it and how to keep it in it’s best condition (yes I know I can research it, but would prefer specific instructions from the manufacturer to ensure longevity)

  4. Pat David

    Get Haire Dermaroller are impressive. It’s easy to use and feels comfortable in my hand, making the process hassle-free. The micro-needles are thoughtfully designed for maximum effectiveness while ensuring a painless experience.

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