How do your products work and will they work for me?

The Haire range of products are designed specifically to maintain healthy hair and promote hair growth. Every product contains specific active ingredients to maximise your hair care routine towards your best head of hair yet.

Can shampoo grow new hair?

Shampoos, conditioners and serums by themselves cannot change genetic hair loss or specific hair loss causes and we do not claim to do anything not scientifically proven. We all however need to wash our hair and have a complimentary hair care routine that is supporting our hair growth process rather than hindering this with harsh chemicals and fragrances. The Westeren medical and pharmaceutical based industry is slowly starting to accept that natural products and skin health definitely have their place.

Do these products replace hair loss medication or surgery?

No, prescribed hair loss medication is still important to use to combat your main diagnosed cause of hair loss. The Haire range of hair care products is part of your maintenance hair care routine and is complementary to hair growth

How often do I need to use the products?

All products can be used daily. It is recommended to use the serum daily for best results but shampoo and conditioner can replace your usual hair washing routine. 

When can I expect to see results?

Your hair should feel clean, refreshed and moisturised after the first wash. Hair growth and density can take up to 3-6 months to be fully noticeable.

How do I order and purchase products?

Products can be bought online and delivered through our website or are available for purchase at The Hairfront clinic based in Cape Town CBD.

Is there a subscription service?

Yes, once you are set in your routine and maintaining a healthy hair care routine has become a habit you may want to sign up for a subscription which means your products are ordered and delivered automatically.

Does Dr Lohlun offer consultations?

Yes, you can book a consultation with Dr Lohlun through The Hairfront. Consultations can be conducted virtually or in person.

Are there prescriptions necessary and do the products contain any prescription medications?

No, all Hairé products are non-prescription.

Are there any side effects?

Because our products are non-prescription and natural, side effects are rare. Localised sensitivity may occur if you are allergic to any active ingredients.

What if I stop using the products?

Stopping the products will not cause increased hair fall and if you start you are not obliged to continue for the rest of your life. Benefits gained from using the products may slowly wear off when stopping as hair care will always be on going and require maintenance.