Medically Formulated Anti Hair-Loss Solutions

The Haire range of hair care products has been developed out of popular demand and necessity for a pure, natural and simple hair care range to maintain and promote healthy hair growth.


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With Anti Hair Loss Actives

Expertly crafted with a potent blend of Procapil, Redensyl, Niacinamide, Caffeine, Peppermint Oil, Green Tea Extract,Tea Tree Oil, and Charcoal . Clinically proven actives strengthen roots, stimulate regrowth, and detoxify your

scalp, our formula delivers thicker, healthier hair, free from irritation and dandruff. Rediscover hair confidence, naturally.

For Sensitive Scalp

Thoughtfully crafted with D-Panthenol, Epi On, Duraquench, Jojoba Oil, and Niacinamide. This gentle formula nurtures your scalp, providing moisture, soothing care, and nourishment, all in one. Tailor made for sensitive needs.


Our Hair Loss Conditioner features a
potent blend of Procapil, Redensyl, Niacinamide, Peppermint Oil, Caffeine, Tea Tree Oil, Fenugreek and Jojoba Oil, proven to strengthen roots, stimulate growth, and reduce hair loss while hydrating and balancing your scalp for healthier, more confident hair.

Leave In Serum

Concentrated active ingredients packed into this small bottle make all the difference. Designed to compliment your active ingredients found in the shampoo and conditioner; this light weight, leave-on serum will easily absorb into the

scalp leaving your scalp feeling refreshed while boosting hair follicle health and growth.

About the founder.

Medically formulated anti hair-loss range

Dr. Lohlun

Dr Lohlun has been working with the hair loss and aesthetics industry for over 10 years and has finally brought a natural but scientifically proven hair care range to the market. Finding solutions for hair loss has been her biggest passion, namely FUE hair transplant surgery and the amazing results that can be achieved by combining artistry and medical technology. Although performing surgeries and changing lives has been her main focus, the development of a trustworthy range of hair care products has always been a big goal.